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Recovers deleted documents and files from hard drive or flash cards
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Recovers you deleted documents with the help of three scanning modes. Can recover files deleted from Recycle bin, lost partitions, after system crashes or virus attacks. Also, it is able to retrieve files from various storage devices like SD cards, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and others. Allows to preview the deleted documents and choose the items to restore to a specified target location.

RecoveryDesk is a data recovery tool that will help you retrieve the files which you have accidentally deleted or that were lost due to hardware malfunctions. This application will undelete files from your hard disk and get back the data from various devices like SD cards, flash memory sticks, etc.

RecoveryDesk will scan the drive that you have selected and display all the files that were deleted, along with some useful information such as creation date, size, or the date when the file was least modified. Furthermore, the application also allows you to use a search query in order to find specific files or extensions.

Although the action of recovering deleted data seems very complicated, the friendly interface that RecoveryDesk provides makes things very simple. What I liked is that every function of the program is easy to find and operate, so that you will be able to retrieve the desired files even if you've never used a program of this kind before.

The only thing that I didn't like about RecoveryDesk is that it will recover only files of 64 KB or less in the trial version. The application displays the rest of the deleted files but will not actually get them back until you buy it. This renders evaluating this tool a pretty difficult task.

In my opinion, RecoveryDesk is a tool that is worth checking out. It offers a valid solution for recovering the files that you have lost so it can come in very handy. Furthermore, its well-designed interface makes it easy to use even for beginners, so there will be no issues in that regard.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Can retrieve any kind of file


  • Difficult to evaluate the trial version because of drastic licensing restrictions (64 KB size limit)
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